Spectrum Shift
60”w x 30”h.

Pearls of Great Wisdom (60”w x 40”h)
In the darkness sits great wisdom buried beyond reach ,
but with long patience, endurance and seeking the One
they can be found.

Pellucid Oblique
48”w x 48”h
48”w x 48”h>>.
A collection of densely arranged sensor arrays glowing with the
power of salvation ,sensing the environment discerning what is beneath.

72”w x 72”h

Rays of A Sun Star
72”w x 72”h.


Run on All Cylinders


Crown of Thorns
Blood , sweat, and tears
done all for you out of love.

The Golden Path
God gives us a route to
light out of darkness.
Featured in the Hype
Gallery in London.

The Cure
A virus runs rampant
through existence
devouring, destroy, and
trying to conquer life it self
, but wait a cure has
been found. Jesus, son
of God is the salvation
from the deadly disease
of sin, and all that part take
in him will have everlasting
life free from the effects
of the virus called sin.


They stand tall
in adversity
through persecution
their history,
has had ups and
downs beyond
conceivable belief,
but now they
stand once again .
The Hebrew
people and all
those who have
survived and
being attack by
evil actions,by
the intervening
assistance from
The Lord. The basis's
for this
project is a
giant edifice curving
towards the sky
as an outward
embodiment of
triumph above and
over evil, but at
the same time
paying recognition
to the flow of
good and the bad.
The structure is
essential a
sculpture marking
these types of
Elevating Upward 1
Are you traveling on a
heaven bound elevator?
Evocative Experience

Covetable Azure

Cerulean Blossom

Cellular Navigation
Eight New Beginning

The Deep Ocean Fathoms

Jesus is like the blue calming refreshing ponds of water in a barren desert.
Communion Medication

Emotion Meter
Blue is calm and red to orange is tension and upset. In life it is best to remain in the blue zone of the emotion meter for mental, spiritual, and physical reasons.

Escape into the Serene
Rest your spirit and release the negative into the wind and let the calm flow overwhelm you ,sweep , and guide you in to the serenity of God in the inner most depths of our spirit.
Unity United
The freedom to move, think, and feel, are things that every living creature is entitled to as living beings created by God for that is what unites us all from those willing to destroy life for other purposes that are sinister.
Galactic Exploration
We search the heavens in awe
And what we find is intelligent
designa mark by the one
who made us eons

Like a compass creates a circle
around an area the same can be
said of God for he encompasses
us in his glorious love and protection.

God’s illuminant light can penetrate
all darkness and reveals the hidden
inner beauty of the building blocks
of life, which are our hopes,
dreams, memories, emotions, and experience
Tower Ideals
Interlocking actions and ideals lead to a culture that produces a society in time that grows up upon the base it was founded on good with the Lord at the root, or evil in its heart. Which base will you build your tower on.

Freedom's Launch
Jesus who grants us the access to all
true freedom missiles launches around
the environment of imprisonment
, the soul, body and mind, when we do
certain actions and speak
particular words.
Interconnectivity: Serenity
Every thing in existence is connected
to each other through the
paths, conduits of life, death ,
creation, destruction and held
together loop after loop by God.

Autumn Harvest
The fields yield the nourishing substance
to sustain life through season ,but God
is the every season substance
for the soul.

Divine Radiance
In the heavenly glow of extreme,
beauty serenity, and amazement
even our thoughts are enveloped
in the heavenly clouds joy and
radiance that is God.

Modular Components
Every structure is made of components
and every modular component serves
its purpose in the structure, much the
same way we each have a function, a
purpose destined by God. For no one
object is without purpose.

Passion Restored V2
The love of God can warm and melt
even the coldest hearts. A heart that
comes alive full of passion for life free
from the brink of death, hatred, and
reborn in the love of Jesus Christ.
This is the heart of salvation.

Break Free / Break Out of the Box
Break out of the norm. Step outside the box,
experiment in the new, and open your mind to the
new possibilities of life, art and design. Leave the
banality inside and shatter the glass roof and come
outside to area unexplored and let the freshness
revive the mind, body, and spirit.

The pure water escapes from
the container in to the
weightless field becoming
free-like the way God frees
people and delivers them
from their container to the
free world.
The small pieces of jewelry form a sculpture and structure as large as we can see it or as small as we can see it. It all depends on point of view and the time to notice the most common and smallest things around to appreciate their value no mater how small.
New Wine
Like grapes have to be fermenting in to new wine and poured into new skins much the same as our life. As God‘s everlasting love allows we go through different seasons some times joyous others full of sorrow, and every other experience and emotions in between.
The natural comfort from the wilderness.
Nature's Sculpture
God created the most wonderful sculptures.
Out of Focus
The dizzying blur of life and the immediate highs and lows can
sometimes distort our lives, but also adds experience. Through
all the blur is a focus the focus we cannot sometimes see
The Lord Jesus Christ.
Celebration of the Return