My art work encompasses the message of God and the belief in Jesus Christ, as savior and healer. Recently this faith was affirmed by miraculous encounter with God. My father was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, that was in stage 2a. A staff of five doctors preformed medical test, 6 units of blood, and three units of iron. The lymph nodes were enlarged and the cancer was supposed to have metastases , but to the medical team surprise, the cancer didn’t , even thought it was suppose to. The doctors agreed that something held it back and that he is lucky to be alive. An absolute desideratum occurred a few months later in which an impasse transpired between the proprietor and our domicile. However through extraordinary effort ,God intervened which led to the genesis of the Susan Thompson Series.
The Series//

For those who are there in time of impasse, for compassion, generosity, friendship and support. An agent for good and God ,enlightened by Jesus is Susan Thompson. Do you have a friend like her? If so thank them. Works from the series progressed to the final round of judging in the Direct Art Magazine Volume 16 competition.

For she always loved the ocean and it’s beautiful depth with hidden treasures. 52"w x 37.14"h .

A subtle stack of wood harkens back to the protective sculptural jetties perched in a dock of endless seas. 52"w x52"h .
Peace of Mind
Where the warming sand coats the shore and breaks away to idyllic lands filled with soothing eclipsing elliptical coves. 60"w x 46.4"h .
Spring Thaw

As she awaits in the winter longing for the days hence passed of colorful beaches and sand , the seasons drift to an allure spring ,thawing out from the frozen and enlivening the plane leading to summertime again. 60"w x 46.4"h .


Perception Series//
This is a experiment of art pieces that upon view appears as a monolithic whole with indifference in spatial features .But closer analysis reveals a collage of dots and lines working harmoniously together in some instances and in others breaking away to form cracks, rips, or tears, city blocks., and ridges. Like with aerial photography an extreme zoom out effect brings the abstractness to attention, but innumerous details interweave in the process. Hence have a closer look, the unexpected is present. 13”x 83” up to 53”x 80”.
66w"x 44.9h".


Apparatus of Moments 1


The Divine Flow Series//
Moving in a stream of divine providence forming your destiny created by the Sovereignty One. Each piece is highly detailed at 13.3"w x 40"h.





Ecclesiastes 9 1
Type 1

City Lights