New paintings and sculptures at CEITHIR///////////.
The Gears of Time
The delicate balance of time in our lives is governed
by the one who is timeless God.
Featured in Coral Springs Center for the Arts.
Acrylic 30x40.
Circulation's Orbit
This piece represents the flow of our souls throught the divine encounter with God every week as he leads us and helps us. It is has been featured at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. 16"w x20"h.
Future's Abode
It has been featured in the following shows: Coral Springs Museum of Art in " Challenging the Boundary ", Broward County Fair, and Gallery 721 in 35th Annual Salons des Refuses. The theme of the piece is humanity's role in a future where technology makes the impossible possible and the way it affects our minds. The person in the piece is contained in a relaxation chamber escaping from his hectic day. Existence of life must have a balance between man and machine.
Acrylic 34"w x 34"h
Acrylic 16"w x20"h.
Acrylic 16"w x20"h.

Flower in the Garden
Mixed Media
20"w x56"h.
Vision of the Eagle
Mixed Media
24.5"w x 51"h.

Sovereign Blueprint
24"w x 48"h.
24"w x 36"h